The Faculty of Management and Accounting of SBU is accredited and well-known nationally. It started in 1991 with seven departments: Accounting, Industrial Management, Public Management, Entrepreneurship, Business Management, Finance, and Information Technology. The faculty was established to educate expert and committed human workforce specialized in the public and private sectors. Presently, the Faculty of Management and Accounting admits undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students who are educated under the supervision and instruction of prominent professors. Further to the faculty’s educational competencies and capabilities, it enjoys remarkable experiences in various research areas thanks to regularly publishing five scientific-research journals:

• Business Administration Perspectives

• Industrial Management Perspectives

• Public Management Perspectives

• Financial Management Perspectives

• Strategic Management Studies

The faculty benefits from the collective academic experiences of five professors, 10 associate professors, and 27 assistant professors, most of whom are well-known figures in academic and industrial circles. The specialized library of the faculty is a rich treasure trove in Persian and other languages, most of which have only recently been published. Presently, the faculty's library holds some 13,000 books in Persian plus 3,000 books in other languages. We believe that the Faculty of Management and Accounting of SBU is the best venue to train and educate students in management and accounting by persuading them to carry out sound research in the course of their studies.

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